The Marimekko Dress: Be Free & Seen

Forgive me -  I am going on about Marimekko again.  I was inspired by the brilliant article in The New Yorker  by Alexandra Lange, Jane Jacobs, Georgia O'Keeffe, and the Power of the Marimekko Dress . Many friends sent me this article when it was published in June 2017.  It's brilliant, read it.

In the article Lange cites fashion critic Eugenia Shepard who says of Marimekko "...a uniform for intellectuals...Marimekko is for women whose way of wearing clothes is to forget what they have on"

All true I say. I would add one important distinction - while the Marimekko wearer  demands the freedom to not have to think about or be reminded of what one is wearing, Marimekko clothes are not for hiding behind either.  The wearer demands to be seen, unlike say Eileen Fisher clothes which are designed with freedom and comfort in mind but have a "nothing here to see, just trying to blend in!" vibe.

The Ways Women are Reminded Constantly of What We Are Wearing
                (and are thus distracted from our real work at hand)

1. by tugging, adjusting, is my bra showing?
2. hmmm can I pick the baby/knife/cupcake off the floor without flashing my knickers?
3. Can I run or do a high kick in this thing?
4. Can I eat (a lot) and still be comfortable?
5. Do I need a special bra (read: expensive, complicated, most likely uncomfortable) to wear this thing?
6. God fucking forbid this garment requires Spanx, aka a girdle, aka 12 steps back for womankind

Marimekko is for forgetting, but it's not for hiding.  Marimekko is for being SEEN, and high kicks & running.

One of my favorite Marimekko designers is Annika Rimala (1936-2014) designers of Keidas Maxi Dress - (long sleeves, A-line,  exuberant pattern - made for high-kicking!!!)
Annika Rimala (1936-2014) Photo from
I've had some memorable freewheeling times in my Keidas.  Whenever I don my Marimekko I feel free and seen and usually end up barefoot.
Cocktails and popovers at the Asticou Inn MDI with kiddo

Provincetown 2017. FAWC opening where my man exhibited a sculpture
Post swim, pre art opening changing into my dress in the Wellfleet woods
I've been on a mission lately with the warmer weather to bring more Marimekko to the shop.  The pieces and styles I love are getting harder and harder to find, but I have some treasures in stock at the moment and I'm relentlessly on the prowl.
This skirt! oh my... with our Omersa Hippo Hank!

There is much more to say about Marimekko design and history, so look forward to more posts on the subject.  In the meantime, thank you for visiting me here at Scavenger Aesthetic.

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