It's That Time of The Month. Flower - Power GIVE AWAY (Click title to read more)

It's GIVE-AWAY TIME. Again. I love give-aways more than I like selling things.  Does this make me a shitty business person? Maybe.  As my partner at the restaurant I started often observes with dismay and confusion: "If you had it your way, we'd give everything away!!" The truth is - I'm not  a shitty business person, but I really do enjoy giving real, tangible, treasures away. I love delighting people whether it's with a glass of wine or a Scavenger Aesthetic treasure.  I won a seasons ski pass to Magic Mountain this past weekend and I'm still humming! 

I'll select a Scavenger Aesthetic subscriber on March 1st to be the recipient of these groovy, lucite, flower - power swizzle sticks.

Now remember: Scavenger Aesthetic give-aways are for all of our subscribers - not just new subscribers.  And you don't have to do anything but be a subscriber to be entered for a chance to win every fuc*ing time.  You might even win more than once?  Who am I stand between you and your dumb luck?

On Thursday, March 1  I'll probably announce the winner first on Instagram  @scavenger_aesthetic so you can catch up there if you'd like.  If you win, expect an email asking for your address. Good luck.


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