Bright Design in Dark Times: Marimekko vs. GOP

Ever since the tweeting moron and his dark sycophants took over, I have found myself subconsciously drawn, evermore to the exuberant optimism of vividly colored design. Antidote or escape? Should I be ashamed of myself because I am retreating into a bubble and taking such pleasure in bright and beautiful objects? Or is it ok? Allowed? Maybe even a beautifully human impulse to appreciate aesthetics. Both?

Poppies! Marimekko come to life.

Mid Century Design Gum ball Coat Hooks at Popolo

Vintage Tin Tray

Vintage Marimekko Kirjo Print, Designer Pentti Rita 1974

Portuguese Pottery from the local Antique/Junk Store filled with my first peonies

Vintage Pucci Cotton Scarves. As of this posting, the pink one is still available on my Etsy shop.

Ernestine Salerno Charteuse Espresso Set & Vintage Liberty of London Scarf. Listing soon on my Etsy Shop.

Antique Art Deco Limoge. I cried when these sold. Baby.

Ernestine Salerno Pottery. Obsessed. May list on Etsy, may keep it to myself.

Wacky Caftan I purchased on Ebay.  I worse this all summer, sorry Husband : )


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