I love this scrappy town.  I love the grit and the train tracks and the grand victorian homes with their turrets and stained glass.  I love the way the village is sandwiched between Fall Mountain, the Connecticut River and Route 5.  I love how the geography of this place does not allow for sprawl. I love how the village teems with church bells and town bells and spires and a clock tower.  I have never lived in a place with so much texture. I love the layers and the bridges and the tunnels and the slate roofs.  I love that we have a bookstore and an arcade that my son can walk to on his own.  I love that we have a movie theater that shows classic movies on Wednesdays and a restaurant where one can get an amaro.  I love to get a flat white at the local coffee shop that sits in what is possibly the most charming building in a village chockablock with charming buildings. #ilovebellowsfalls Thank you Bellows Falls for bring so damn cool.

Home of the Flat Iron Exchange coffee house.

The Village Clocktower

The Train tunnel that runs beneath the restaurant Popolo

The Exner Block Artist Studios & Housing
Dropping of my first book (my love letter to bellows falls in pictures) at Village Square Books on the Square


  1. Damn... The Bellows Falls Chamber of Commerce should be pitching you some woo!

    1. Hahaha - but it's a labor of love! BF is my muse...


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