Birds and Bees: Tiny Treasures & March Give-Away

So much has happened since we last spoke: Holidays, holidays, holidays, the sale of our first home, our beloved dog passing, a broken neck(not mine), deep dark winter, so much falling snow, such short days & wow, the cold... Now the days are getting longer and I feel my Spring mojo stirring so let's get this party started again! 

I want to kick things off with a few tiny treasures from the Windham Antique Center in Bellows Falls.  The place is packed with treasures and I can always satisfy my scavenging itch by sifting through the costume jewelry.  I couldn't resist this pretty little peacock pin or this vintage hat pin. You know I just learned how hat pins work  - Ladies used the pins to scoop up a lock of hair by pushing the pin through the back band of the hat to better anchor the hat to the head.  I did not know this! According to The American Hatpin Society  (yes, for real) hatpins have been in use since the 1400's with their heyday between the 1880's and the 1920's (when the ladies chopped their hair off - just like Lady Mary of Downton Abbey did a few episodes ago).  Please follow the link above to learn more about hatpins if you so wish.

I would like to offer the cheery little peacock for my monthly give-away.  All subscribers are eligible to win this little treasure which I will pack up and send out in April. So please subscribe to Lala and you  may just win!


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