Summer's Crowning Glory: Ana

This is Ana. Ana came in to Popolo for dinner this summer after a long day in the fields and market and I rudely dragged her from her table, filched the bartenders phone (I uncharacteristically didn't have my camera with me) and quickly snapped these photos.  Please excuse the blur - dusk was setting in and the light was low but the moment needed to be captured. What a vision of late summer beauty she is! I love how she brings  so many stylistic references together; she's a pre-raphaelite, punk, pin-up with a little Frieda & Bacall thrown in. 

The floral crown was made by Ana herself from flowers she grows in alarming quantities- you see, she and her man are farmers, bona fide farmers of Guerrilla Grown Produce in Westminster, Vermont. Yes, this is Ana. Now let us bid adieu to summer and open our arms to Fall... 

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