Return From The Land of Fruit Pies, Porch Puzzles & Rose'

I took the summer off. Yep. The kid went to camp for a month, it was a banner year for rose' wines, the weather was glorious, vintage puzzles were in long supply, our storybook porch was outfitted with a rocker and a farm table (for said rose' and puzzles) and so...I kinda did nothing I didn't absolutely need to do. Smart girl.

 That said, the shrinking days and cool nights have nudged me out of my summer estivation just in time for barn sale high season.  I did collect a bunch of cool vintage glassware over the summer - so expect a post or two soon.  Also, my September Give-Away is two delicious little Amber Indiana Glass Cordial Glasses - perfect for the summer fruit cordials you may have made! Let's talk again soon and tell me, how was your summer?  If any of you did indeed make a summer fruit cordial I would love to hear details. And who knows, I may have something special for one of you...


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