Wellfleet Dreams. Jim Forsberg. Made in Japan.

100% Cotton Vintage 1960's Glentex Scarf.  26 inches square. Behold:

There are times when I find a treasure and my mouth literally waters and I get the tingles because I have struck Lala Gold! Often these finds trigger immediate, visceral associations which give the object, though new to me, meaning and context.  

This scarf went a little something like this: Wellfleet!  Beach. Oh yes, all day.  Wrap your wild hair with this - bohemian intellectual poet ladies of the Outer Cape 1960's. Provincetown abstract painters. Nostalgia. Fantastic with faded chambray. I love you.  Can't believe I found you. Here.

I lived on the Outer Cape for a long time and not only did I come to know and love the work of the early Provincetown abstract artists from my work at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (best job EVER) but looking through old photographs I realized my head was often wrapped in a scarf.  Ocean air does a job curly hair like mine.

Jim Forsberg
Hans Hofman

John Grillo


  1. Now you've got me Googling artists!
    This one is the most scarf-like:

  2. It is a beautiful painting. I love Jim Forsberg's work.

  3. tearing up. thank you.

  4. You are welcome. I miss you like I miss the ocean.


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