Residual Magic. Kid Turns 10. Dusty Model Ship.

My son just celebrated his 10th birthday. He asked for  a leather, swivel office chair - I am not sure what to make of this and we couldn't bring ourselves to honor the request, but we did provide some birthday wonder with a few scavenged items including a dusty model ship, (Leo and I found  it together last year  in a little curio shop in Hartland, Vermont. I meant to sneak back up there to get it to him for his 9th birthday but I never made it back. You can read the original blog post here HERE) vintage torpedo metal cocktail swords and a 1950's working BB Gun (a gift from my Dad). The kid understands how objects with a history, possess a sort of residual magic - an aura of specialness that lends itself to the imagination in a way that something fresh out of the box does not. 


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