Vintage Springbok Puzzles. A Puzzle In The Home: Slow Mind Revolution.

When one makes a big move from one long occupied home to a new home, life necessitates that a whole bunch of stuff goes in to storage, to be unpacked (or not) at a later date.  Lately we have been making runs out to the old house to clear out what we left stored in the barn.  It is a bittersweet task sifting through a life left behind. One particularly sweet recent find is these delicious vintage Springbok puzzles, lush with birds.  I don't recall where I originally found them - there is a vague memory of a yard sale in Peru, VT... At any rate, I am so glad they survived the moving purge.  It is a lovely thing to have a puzzle in progress in the home. Something to mindlessly pause before for a moment and experience the satisfaction of fitting the pieces together.

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March Give-Away Bud Vase


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