It's a General Store! A Post Office! A Thrift Store! A Coffee Shop! AWood Fired Pizza Joint! What the...Open Mike?

There's a little store on Route 30 in West Townshend, Vermont where you can pretty much buy and do everything. For example, last week I stopped in and bought a muffin, kombucha, eggs, a painting, and rubber boots for my kid to take to camp AND mailed a letter.  Had I stopped in later in the evening with my toy accordion, I could have treated the good people to my much sought after rendition of  'Happy Birthday' at open mic and enjoyed some wood fired pizza.  Being a  Pathological Undecider myself, I understand this place.  If my brain was a business it would be the West Townshend Country Store.
P.S. This painting I found in the thrift store section of the West Townshend Country Store is my May Give-Away.  It is a darling watercolor of May flowers, lovingly framed in gold. You know what to do - subscribe to Lala and you will be  automatically entered into all Give-Aways. XO


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