But Seriously, Your Odds of Winning Lala's Give - Away Are Pretty DamnGood.

Lala's April Give-Away is shipped out and in a number of days I will draw the winner of the May Give- Away.  How many days?  I couldn't tell you.  It's early in the morning and I don't know the date today and I confess that I never really grocked the little sing song poem that helps one remember how many days in each month.  But soon.  I am not to proud to confess that I DON'T HAVE THAT MANY SUBSCRIBERS SO YOUR ODDS OF WINNING ARE GOOD! Tee hee. Once you subscribe to lalaruralista you are automatically entered to win all give-aways forever more.

Give-Aways also include a nifty original photo from my collection (apple pinocchio shown here)


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