Into The Blue. Awkward "Selfie With ipad" Alert.

I know, nothing says asshole like selfies on the blog (or use of the word "selfie" for that matter) and really, what is more awkward than the 'self-portrait with ipad"?  But at least I'm not making that weird fish face!  You're welcome.  But god, I found myself dressed the other day in a rapture of gorgeous, soft, well worn layers of blue and felt compelled to share.  Take a moment if you will and contemplate the shoes: J. Crew slip on oxfords, made in Italy.  They are my platonic ideal of a shoe  - sumptuous, tom boyish, utilitarian and chic. Sadly, I dumped cream all over them on their maiden voyage at the restaurant the other night so some of the oxford holes are white, oops.  A second example of the evil genius of Jenna Lyons on whom I have so come to depend , (Vermont living means mail order clothes shopping) is the delicious, soft chambray shirt peaking out beneath the regifted Irish knit sweater. Oh Blue

Speaking of blue, Lala's March Give-Away is an adorable vintage milk glass bud vase.  All subscribers are eligible to win.  Subscribe above and thank you! xo


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