Whacky Tacky Blue Treasures Found in Putney, Vermont. Vintage Milk Glass Magic.

Tacky- beautiful hobnail and pressed glass patterns

Fenton Glass mark on bottom indicating a 1970's vintage

The underside is as intriguing as the vessel

Some very fine friends of ours came for a visit last weekend and we took a little trip  Hood Museum of Art in Hanover, New Hampshire.  We went for Picasso exhibit, but alas he had fled. While accidentaly looking at an exhibit of early American artifacts, I had an unexpectadly special moment with a little blue glass pitcher.  It was just delicious.

The following morning I felt a strong scavenging urge but I was damn tired from a weekend of friends and wine and it god-awful cold so I had not the strength to travel far. I decided on a quick trip to Putney, VT, a mere 11 miles down the road. It had been a while since I had hit Swirl  - a top notch vintage/consignment boutique in the heart of town.  

With that little blue pitcher lurking in my consciousness , I thought to myself with bizarre certainty, "I want to find a blue, glass, treasure today".  After stopping at the Putney General Store for a damn- good latte ( yay putney! good  espresso is hard to find ) I enter Swirl and beaming bright and blue from the shelves of the 50% off section is all this wild and whacky blue glass treasure.


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