Vintage Home: The Ultimate Scavenge. The Perfection of 75%

This morning I looked around our new home for the first time in months with more pleasure than anxiety. This house is a gem - a perfect little 1900 Victorian, treated with love and sold for not that much more than a song, but moving and setting up home can be tough.  Like any ambitious creative endeavor, the beginning is exhilarating - the clean slate, the open road, the dreams and possibilities. And then comes the chaos, the hard work, the false starts, the unpacking, the open boxes, the stepping over piles of crap. 

At last we are in the the Golden Time of Almost Finished (but not quite finished)  - having clarified our point of view, things are falling into place, taking shape. Oh how I love the feeling of things falling into place! So what if the art work isn't hung and the painting unfinished-  our most treasured pieces are out of boxes at last, leaning against walls trying out their new spots, the paint colors finally agreed upon, have begun to transform their space and only our most favorite and necessary belongings have made an appearance. I adore this time more than anything - I call it the perfection of 75%. 

It is remarkable to realize so few of our possessions are new and that what gives us so much pleasure is the life imbued in the objects by the stories they hold. Stories about who made them, to whom they once belonged and how they came to be ours ( at least for now).  This sweet Victorian has been home to many and for now it is ours.
sculptures from left to right: joe kurhajek, merritt schnipper, merritt schnipper, paul bowen

enamel table found road-side, aunt helen's hurricane lamp, merritt's childhood asterix book, vintage linen

toy horse photo by me, antique chariot lamp gift from gordon, 70's coffee table chalkboard painted, barn sale oil painting

steve keene painting, fast pony/melissa sheehan 45 (dead boy music)/antique table

cafe du monde coffee can from a long ago job at a cafe

merritt schnipper sculpture, carpets from a trip to turkey, entrance way painting in progress

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  1. this makes me well up, seriously, a little like coming home xox


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