Garment for My Dream of Future Self (in Christian Dior) as Mary Fassett.

Someday when I am a formidable, silver - haired  bohemian, I will wear this around the house  all day, forgetting to dress so absorbed am I in my translation and illustration of La Recherche du Temps Perdu.  And I won't  apologize for my state when a friend stops by at 4 with plums.  I will not acknowledge that I am wearing a night dress.  But I will pull some cheese out of the fridge and crackers (stale - because I live near the ocean) and pour us both a scotch.

 I found this gorgeous thing at The Dorset Exchange , in Dorset, VT last week.  This consignment  shop is the kind of place you are likely to find horsey/tennis lady cast-offs the likes of Ariat paddock boots, Minnetonka moccasins, Brooks Bros and Talbots - tons of dowdy, quality chic and great prices.

My future fantasy self is based on a woman I greatly admire, Mary Crocker Fassett.  

Self-Portrait, Mary Fassett

Self-Portrait, Mary Fassett

Mary is a dear friend, and the epitome of a very particular type of Outer Cape artist and intellectual. Please treat yourself to the work of this remarkable woman


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