Introducing Lady-Boy & Sometimes You Just Gotta Scavenge At Nordstroms.

Sometimes there is nothing so satisfying as super-shiny new.  My scavenger aesthetic is, to some degree, born of the fact that I live in a fashion challenged State where frankly, shopping for new clothes is often a less than inspired experience.  And then there are the Barneys and the Nordstroms to be found nearby on trips off the Green Mountain campus - the antithesis of rooting around a dusty consignment shop.

During my last trip off campus I found two items that perfectly fit what I like to describe as my  Lady- Boy aesthetic.  I don't know about you, but me thinks the whole tom boy thing has of late been a little over used.  It feels a little wrung out, a little bit tired, passe, you get my drift.  Also, I am not as young as I once was so "tom boy" thing rings a little hollow and silly in reference to myself, which is why I have come up with a new designation to describe my proclivities and the legions of grown- up women with a penchant for the masculine sartorial touch: "LADY-BOY".  I love it.  Just saying it makes me laugh.

Anyway - back to what I scored at the fancy department store:  This fun tee shirt by  Blondes Make Better T-Shirts Designed by some smart, blonde Swedish chick.  This silky high-low cute shirt is made in the u.s.a of 100% sustainable earth friendly fabric.  The high low paired with the little black sport coat (from the boy's department) it's like I'm dressed up, but I'm not and that is my holy grail of dressing.

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  1. Anonymous9/19/2013

    Do you mean like...


  2. Love it!!! I would have to say the second video is more in the spirit of my "lady boy" concept. Bad ass.


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