Cowering In The Corner. Dropping The Ball. Shana Tova.

When we last spoke I was all talk about what was in the bag (see video from previous post) and my July Give-Away (which I haven't even mailed yet) and yadayadayadablahblahblah.  The truth is, this latest move to our most delightful and charming Victorian home is KICKING MY BUTT.  See this picture above?  That is me, in the corner, whimpering.  Is it just me, or is moving really destabilizing? This room holds so many random items, including the bag of scavenged treasures about which I so brazenly bragged in my last post on July 24th.  But I really do have so many finds I want to share with you and I miss you terribly.  And so, on this first day of Rosh Hashanah, I make a commitment to be a better blogger.  I wish you all a happy new year. Shana Tova. XO.


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