July Give-Away, Old New Books & A Freaky Little Fawn

Hello lovelies.  I was scavenging around Brattleboro with my my boy the other day and our first stop was the very fine used bookstore, Brattleboro Books. We were on the prowl for books on his yummy summer reading list.  I love this store - it's super organized and it doesn't smell weird.  ( I inherited my mother's hyper-sensitive nose which at times makes scavenging a gag-fest).  Our visit was a great success, finding two nice hardcover editions for him and a few summer reads for me.

Next stop, Twice Upon a Time, a sizable antique/vintage/consignment mall (also low on the gag meter).  Unfortunately for me, the vendors have gotten wise and bargains do not abound as they once did, but good for the vendors that the vintage market is strong.

My heart was seeking the perfect July Give-Away and I grew despondent as I wended my way through the market.  The Give-Away needs to be cheap ( a steal really), special and easy to mail. It's gotta feel like a treasure; I gotta feel the buzz.  I was weirdly charmed by the freaky little fawn planter, though kitsch is not really my thing, but he looked kind of lonely so I thought I'd take him home.  But he wasn't Give-Away material.  I had just about given up when I was presented with a pile of bracelets.  Sifting through them I found this signed vintage Coro bracelet.  Can't you just see this on your tawny summer arm?  Here's the deal, if you already subscribe to Lala you are automatically in the running to find this bracelet in your mailbox come august.  If you are not a subscriber, please subscribe.  And don't worry about too much Lala mucking up your inbox - I'm not an over - poster ( but I am an excessive user of parenthesis and the hyphen).

P.S. To learn more about vintage Coro go here: Vintage Coro Costume Jewelry

P.S.S. If you love vintage jewelry and vintage inspired jewelry, treat yourself to a visit to Candy Shop Vintage.  Candy Shop Vintage was founded in 2009 by my incredibly lovely and elegant cousin, Deirdre Zahl. There you will find her beautifully curated collection of vintage jewelry as well as her own vintage-inspired line of made in America of jewelry.

Ciao xo


  1. Anonymous7/13/2013

    LOVE your site! AND your postings and chatter - feels like we're sitting around your table!
    Luv ya, ZOON!


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