Do Not Stack Upside Down. Give-Away Winner Announced!

When last I wrote, I was rambling about vultures and my May Give-Away. And it was May. And now it's July and it's hot and I moved and my job changed and my son is out of school and we had a rather joyful but consuming family event and I moved, we moved, we packed, we carried and we cleaned (oh, how we cleaned) and we carried up and we carried down and eventually dropped a heavy piece of furniture through the back windshield of our car and then Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was ousted and here we are. And it is hot.  So hot in fact, that I am rambling and repeating.  Really I just want to say hi and I hope some of you are still out there.  I would love to get a little hello back and please stay tuned, because there is more to come and more to share.  I am almost finished unpacking.  Did I mention that I moved?

P.S.  Speaking of ,  I just now selected the May Give-Away  winner of the lovely 1970's vintage Italian scarf and the winner is... the lovely Diane P.  Contact her, I shall, after signing off here!  Congrats Diane.  Please send a photo when the scarf arrives.

P.S.S. Dear Amy, winner of April Give-Away (vintage Monet necklace - oh it was yummy), did you receive my package?  Can you please send a photo too? I would love to share it with everyone here.

P.S.S.S. Hey whoa, I almost forgot to suggest that you, dear visitor, please subscribe to Scavenger Aesthetic (so easy - look up to the right hand side of page) and you will have a shot at Lala's July Give-Away.



  1. We heard through the family grapevine about your big moves, though not about a piece of furniture going through a windshield. Yikes. Other than that, I hope all is going well with you and your two fellas. Love, Louise


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