Sadness, Confusion, Ships and Gold & Lemon Meringue Pie

The Boston Marathon bombing shook my world and so lately the very idea of blogging about jewelry or boots has just seemed so very strange to me - so unnecessary - so, why would I do that, what is there to say?  My young son was in Boston on Marathon Day and throughout the lockdown.  All the while, his father and I, who were separated from him during this period, had the luxury, the dumb god-damned good luck to know with a great amount of certainty, that our 8 year - old boy was safe.  When he came back to us last Sunday I shelved my usual get things done list and Leo and I got in the car and drove and drove aimlessly through the sunny, gentle Vermont gorgeousness that was last sunday.  I just needed to be nowhere - on the move - just the two of us -  unfindable, contained, aimless and safe - stopping when we felt like it, randomly choosing directions as we wandered.  We had the pleasure of pulling over to check out a little vintage/consignment shop in the center of Hartland, VT where we chatted with the lovely proprietress Elaine for quite a while in her filled to the brim shop.  She and Leo talked about school and baseball while I rummaged.  I found the perfect gift for Leo's upcoming birthday - an antique ship model in a glass case ( I'm going back for it this weekend!) and and this pretty bib necklace.  A while later we happened up the Creek House Diner in Bethel, VT.  What a dreamy little place - bright, clean and friendly; the food prepared from scratch and with what I suspect to be  love.  I felt so lucky to be there in that moment with Leo, alive and well.


  1. Anonymous4/27/2013

    I am so grateful that you are both alive and well. I believe writing about boots, necklaces, and pie is probably a much for thoughtful approach to life than making a bomb. Love you! andy

  2. Thank you Andy. I love you too.


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