Royal Warrior Hostess vs. Cozy Vermonty Plaid Lady

Zipping around the restaurant recently in my Black Watch plaid (or so I thought) boy blazer, I was informed by a kilt-wearing regular (seriously), that my smart little blazer was in fact tartan not plaid.  Turns out tartan and plaid are not interchangeable terms.  Tartan is the checked pattern and plaid refers to the long woolen shawl worn over the shoulder and belted in traditional Scottish dress.  

The pattern on my blazer signifies the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion,  an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. This is seriously appropriate garb for a restaurant hostess. I have also had a lot of fun wearing my cozy, wool Royal Stewart tartan pants - the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II.  And I thought I was being all Vermonty in my wooly plaids.  (Not that there's anything wrong with that.  In fact there is everything right about Vermont's own Johnson Woolen Mills plaid mania - another story, another time. . . )

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