I'm Not As Cool As I Think I Am

After 8 months of 6 work days a week, I am on vacation. With little time or energy to prepare sartorially, I cobbled together the perfect uniform:

Bikini and 50 SPF sunshirt, tossed frantically into my online Lands' End shopping cart while ordering swim trunks for my son a mere week before departure thinking how either Lands' End is cooler than it used to be, or I'm not a cool as I think I am to be ordering this stuff for myself but ultimately not giving a shit.

  • Cheap Cherokee canvas slip,on shoes from Target boys' department, SCORE!
  • Leather flip flops purchased in Tulum several years ago, j'adore.
  • 15 year-old cut off J Crew khaki's, I've had a lot of fun in these shorts. They are frayed and stained and soft-I'm deeply committed to them.
  • Leather belt purchased in Florence, Italy in the 1980's. A belt with soul.
  • Straw cowboy hat - a filthy sweat stained hat that was here at our rented villa, worn by GOD KNOWS WHO. I love it.
  • Cheap sunglasses. I can't be trusted with anything but.
  • Starbucks Via instant coffee. The coffee here sucks.

My beauty regimen consists of Neutrogena AgeShield face SPF 110 ( desperately trying not to look like as though I'm old enough to have bought a belt in the 1980's)



  1. Anonymous7/19/2013

    Hey girl, just enjoy your getaway - don't think the "Fashion Police" will be about to give you the test on your level of "COOLNESS"! Have much happy, relaxing days!


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