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This is my beautiful and excellent friend Wendy, a.k.a, loodylady.  Wendy is a mother, a sharpshooter (really), an A number 1 kook, AND an antique and vintage European textile aficionado. She hails from the Pacific Northwest but by way of Vermont and England and back again to Vermont she has become the loodylady - sweet mistress of The Textile Trunk.  Behold Wendy beautifully draped in one of the very first pieces she acquired while living in England.  This panel of hand-woven linen and  hand block printed of Jacobean design was her gateway drug to textile obsession.

In Wendy's words, "The dating of these panels is a bit of a mystery.  The selvages on each side have a blue thread that runs to the length.  This was used in England in the late 1700's, by law, to indicate they were printed in England for export.  However, there is green in the printing and green dyestuff was not colorfast for printing until 1810...so...perhaps the fabric was woven and printed later...a bit of a mystery, which is something I love about them.  They are my favorite textiles in the world and one of my very first purchases.  My love for these is one of the things that drove me to source and research textiles.  I'll be grateful to them forever."


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