Bridal Crown

These perfect, fragrant blooms,named "Bridal Crown" were organically grown in Vermont with great care at The Little Flower Farm (of Saxtons River). This exceptionally fragrant heirloom bloom was introduced in the 1940's.

I bought them for a special event and then carefully shuttled them home on a bitterly cold, dark, February night several months ago. They were artfully and simply wrapped in brown Kraft paper - rustic elegance - very LaLa. Spring is here for real now but I'd like to thank The Little Flower Farm and her beautiful songstress and proprietress, Melissa Sheehan, for helping me survive the long winter.


  1. Lala- I think you're on to something. Keep it up, please. Some of us need to be reminded that the rural lifestyle does not mean needing to give up all things stylishly beautiful.

  2. flanders5/04/2011

    Here Here!


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